Policy Plus

For financial advisers only

Helping your clients to move forward

While our protection policies provide your clients with financial security, they can also provide support and guidance.

Policy Plus offers a range of support services for no additional cost, whenever your client or their immediate family needs them. These services are available throughout the life of their policy, providing your clients with peace of mind and reassurance when they need it most.

The following video is about About Policy Plus and has a transcript (see below).

Our Policy Plus services

Watch our short animations to see how Policy Plus could help support your clients.

Second medical opinion service

Providing your client with a confidential face-to-face consultation, with a UK-based specialist who’s local to them.

Watch the video (about the Second medical opinion service service)

Health and wellbeing service

A 24/7 confidential and compassionate service, offering phone-based counselling and online support tools.

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Key person replacement service

Supporting businesses when the owner or a key person is unable to work due to an illness, injury, or death.

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Our health and wellbeing service, provided by Health Assured, is available 24/7 to support you, your clients and their immediate families, by providing access to confidential, compassionate counselling and on-demand web and mobile support tools. 

They can provide support for a range of issues, including bereavement, medical diagnosis, emotional health, relationships, family concerns, finances, debt, legal issues, and consumer rights.

Qualified and experienced counsellors are available all day, every day and will tailor the support they provide to suit you and your clients' individual needs and circumstances - call Health Assured on 0800 028 9095.

Go online

You and your clients can also access the wellbeing portal and the My Healthy Advantage app for a full range of self-help tools, including wellbeing videos, weekly mood trackers, four-week plans, mini health checks and more.

Access the wellbeing portal
User ID: aegon Password: support4u

Download the My Healthy Advantage app (from the App Store or Google Play)
Unique code: MHA043731

Our second medical opinion service, provided by RedArc, offers a confidential face-to-face consultation with a UK-based specialist to review your client’s medical diagnosis.

Your client will have a dedicated nurse allocated to them. They’ll discuss your client’s medical history, and gather the information needed to confirm if a second medical opinion is right for them. 

At the consultation, the specialist will discuss your client’s diagnosis, their test results and recommendations. They'll be able to ask questions and consider any treatments available to them through the NHS or private care. The consultation will be local to where your client lives.

After the consultation, your client and their GP will receive a report that summarises the second medical opinion and any further recommendations. 

Their dedicated nurse will continue to provide ongoing phone-based support, after the consultation, until your client no longer needs it.

Call RedArc on 01244 62 51 80 to find out more.

Our key person replacement service, provided by Identify HR, supports your corporate clients, when illness, injury or the loss of a key employee threatens the continuity of their business.

Whether they’re recruiting on a temporary or permanent basis, the advice and support provided through our key person replacement service will be tailored to suit your client's individual situation and need.

Our key person replacement service can provide support in the following areas:

  • Helping your client write job specifications
  • Identifying where to advertise
  • Engaging recruiters
  • Providing CVs of potential candidates
  • Providing support and guidance on all aspects of employment law

Call Identify HR on 0131 385 0379 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, or email aegon@identify-hr.com.

Our funeral payment pledge helps bereaved families to meet the funeral costs of their loved one, when there are delays due to probate. 

It’s an advanced payment of up to £10,000 on a valid life protection claim. The benefit payment goes directly to the funeral home or funeral director so the funeral can proceed.

To talk to one of our Claims team, or to submit a claim call 03456 00 04 93 (call charges will vary).

You benefit from our health and wellbeing support 

We know that you have difficult conversations with your clients and their families when they suffer from injuries, illnesses or they die - and those conversations can take their toll. So as well as covering your clients, you can now use our 24/7 health and wellbeing service too.