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Say hello to our new, easy-to-use business protection toolkit - providing all the support and information you need, at your fingertips, to understand, discuss and write business protection.

We'll be adding new support material, topical articles, news and thought leadership commentary - so remember to check back regularly.

We've also created the Vault. Your one-stop-shop for all the support material you'll need to help you in the business protection market. This includes sample material, sales aids, technical factsheets, videos and more. All are designed to help you understand the importance of, create the need for and discuss business protection with your clients.

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Use our Continuity and succession planning for your business(Opens new window) toolkit to help position business protection with your clients, without having to discuss insurance-based solutions.

Use our new Sample business protection factfind(Opens new window) to help you identify gaps in your clients' existing cover arrangements and, more importantly, to help you highlight the need for them to protect their business.

Working with professional connections is about building relationships and trust. Our new guide gives you seven steps towards developing successful business relationships(Opens new window).