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Charges made simple

One Retirement’s charges are simple and transparent – so your clients can see exactly what they’re paying for. There are three main types of charges:

One Retirement charges

This charge covers the cost of administering your client's account. This simple charge rewards consolidation of assets and is taken monthly from your client's account.

Fund value Annual charge percentage
First £249,999   0.3%
 £250,000 and over  0.0%

Fund charges

These charges cover the cost of managing investments and checking they’re performing as expected. They’ll vary depending on the assets chosen. The fund charge is sometimes called the ongoing charges figure (OCF).

Adviser charges

These charges are for the advice you give and are agreed between you and your client.

You can find out more in our Charges guide (PDF - 365kb)(Opens new window).

We may vary these charges in future.