Member engagement

For intermediaries only

We know that getting employees in the workplace engaged with their retirement savings can be difficult. Research that we recently carried out with the CBI, has highlighted the importance of member engagement and its role in planning and retention. It also highlighted the gap that exists for employers being able to provide engaging material for the workplace. 

We’re looking to create a fresh approach to financial engagement in the workplace. So we’re trialling a number of ideas like a new warm up and welcome journey and a new way of getting in front of the employees using our branded coffee cart! 

We’re learning at every stage of this, helping us continually improve our communications for you, your clients and their pension schemes. All with the objectives of making scheme on-boarding for you and your employers as easy as possible, and getting employees engaged with their retirement savings as early on as we can. Which can only be a good thing for everyone involved. 

We’ve also been introducing a series of communications to help increase visibility and create some noise in the office space. Our highly creative mix of environmental and digital collateral supports your employer clients in increasing the engagement levels regardless of where they are in their journey to retirement.

Getting in front of as many employees as early on and in a way that resonates with them, is key to having a workforce that’s engaged and more likely to do more with their retirement savings throughout the life of their pension. Which means more opportunities for you as an adviser.

As well as posters, emails, screensavers and online content, we’ve created a film(Opens new window) which introduces the concept and value of joining a workplace pension. We’d like to see this being used as part of an employee induction into the workplace, with new starts or on a company intranet as part of a wider financial education piece. We believe this is a key place to start raising some of that initial awareness of retirement savings and develop an understanding of the value of a workplace pension. 

If you’d like to know more about what engaging material you can offer to your clients, please speak to your usual Aegon contact about how we can help you help your employers.

The following video is about Aegon workplace pension induction and has a transcript (see below).