Making things easier

Digital customer enquires

We've got a brand new Online request form(Opens new window) on the Contact us page of our website. You or your client can use this form to send us your query. The query goes directly to the team with the relevant skills to carry out the request. You or your client will receive an acknowledgment email immediately and once your query is complete a further email will be sent.

Online pension statements

More and more of our customers are telling us that they’d like to view their yearly statements as easily as their bank statements, so we’re moving their yearly pension statement online. 

This is the first stepping stone to creating a more efficient, simpler digital experience for our customers. In the coming months, we’ll be giving online access to some of their other documents via an improved online service.

From 21 August 2017, instead of issuing yearly paper statements, we’ll be writing to customers to let them know that we’re moving statements online and give details on how to register (if they aren't already). We'll continue to issue ad hoc statements by post.

We’ve also streamlined the whole registration process making it much quicker and simpler to activate accounts. Unless a customer tells us otherwise, we’ll continue with placing their statements online, emailing them when a new document is available. 

Charges shown in £s and pence

To make things clearer for your clients, we've been making changes to our packaged products pension statements.

We’ve created new sections in our customer statements to show the main charges, and any rebates, in monetary figures. 

From 21 August 2017, if your client has one of the pensions listed below, the next statement they receive will include the new charges section.

  • Group Personal Pension plan;
  • Group Self-invested Personal Pension plan;
  • Individual Personal Pension plan, or
  • Flexible Personal Pension plan.

You can read more about the changes here.