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Welcome to October's Latest News

The Autumn Budget is less than a week away, but what will be the hot topics coming out of it? Register now to join us for our Budget round up webinar on 31 October 2018.

There's increased awareness in the public eye around mental health - we hear about it on the news, in the papers and on social media. It's something we openly speak about now. If you have clients wondering if they can get protection cover if they've ever suffered from mental health issues, you can download our new factsheet that sets out the underwriting implications.

We have a useful reminder for you and your clients' about keeping personal details secure and we cover how we'll share details of yearly costs and charges for all customers. Plus there are changes to partial uncrystallised fund pension lump sums (UFPLS) on some of our off-platform products.

Join our Autumn Budget webinar

On Monday 29 October the Chancellor will deliver the 2018 Autumn Budget.  Will he be constrained by pre-Brexit preparations, or will he cut pensions tax relief as many are predicting?

Join us on Wednesday 31 October as industry experts Steven Cameron and Tony Wickenden round up the Budget's key points and pinpoint any potential opportunities for you and your clients.

Plus you can claim 30 minutes of unstructured CPD points.

Register now for our Autumn Budget webinar

Protecting you and your clients' privacy and security

When you use our products and services you're trusting us to keep yours and your clients' information safe.

Fraudsters may try and imitate our emails so we want to let you know that we'll never send you or your clients an email asking for your login details or password. 

If you've any concerns about the validity of an email, please contact us.

Partial UFPLS now available on more products

Partial UFPLS is now available on more of our off-platform products and your clients can now take a partial UFPLS once each year.

Here's a quick summary.

• It's now available on our IPP, GPP, XL+, XLGP and Nexus plans. For XL+, XLGP and Nexus plans this is at the discretion of the trustees.
• Live or paid-up plans are eligible.
• We allow one partial UFPLS each year.
• Your client must leave at least £500 in a live plan or £5,000 for paid-up plans. The amount left may be more than those amounts if your client has a segmented plan.

If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with your usual Aegon contact.

Platform tip of the month

Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) - firm favourites

Did you know we can set up firm favourites for you if you have a preferred list of funds you commonly use in ARC? Get in touch with your usual Aegon contact and we can set this up for you.

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