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Welcome to November's Latest News

Building on last month’s launch of our Advice Makes Sense hub, you can see our Chief Distribution Officer, Ronnie Taylor discussing the changing face of advice with CISI. We’ve also launched our new guide to business protection which has lots of information on helping you identify new clients and develop your protection business.

We also share some important pension tax reminders with details of action that your or your clients may have to take.

Finally, have a look at our new lifestyle letters we're introducing for off-platform pensions and how we're asking a selection of advisers their opinion on us.

There won't be a December issue of Latest News so we'll be back in 2020. Thanks for your support throughout this year and have a Merry Christmas.

Pension tax reminders

Here are a couple of important tax reminders. You may need to take action with your clients.

Annual allowance charge

It's worth checking if your clients have got an annual allowance charge to pay. Remember they may not have received a pensions savings statement from their pension provider – these are only issued under certain circumstances.

Additional pensions tax relief

For your clients who make contributions to personal pensions, other than through salary sacrifice, and pay income tax on their earnings of more than the basic rate remember they need to claim additional tax relief due.

Read more about these pension tax reminders

Your opinion matters

We started last month reaching out to a selection of advisers inviting them to share their views on us.

We're using this feedback as one of main methods of making sure we identify and tackle improvement areas that matter to you.

If you see an invite coming into your inbox from our Chief Distribution Officer, Ronnie Taylor, please take 5 to 10 minutes to share your views.

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