Aegon Secure Capital

Helping your clients plan ahead, Aegon Secure Capital lets them decide when they need their capital in their hand – and we guarantee it’ll be there. More than that though, they can choose a guaranteed capital term of between 10 and 20 years. And when it arrives, they’ll not only get their guaranteed capital back, but they could potentially have benefitted if their fund value has increased.

  • A guaranteed capital value at the end of the term your client chooses – this can be between 10 and 20 years
  • Benefit if the fund value rises by locking in a higher guaranteed capital value through our capital escalator feature
  • Optional guaranteed death benefit – so they’ll have the comfort of knowing that they can leave something for their family
  • Access to their money at any time – the money’s not locked away, but taking additional withdrawals or ad hoc adviser charges will proportionately reduce the guarantees on the bond.

Benefit if the fund value rises but don't lose out if it falls

Helping your clients to benefit from future investment growth, we’ve developed a capital escalator feature. While their capital is already protected against market falls, the capital escalator feature means that every year during the guarantee term, we review the fund value on the bond anniversary. If it’s higher than the guaranteed capital value, then this becomes the new guaranteed capital value. There’s no limit on the potential rise and once we lock it in, it won’t go down – unless your client takes withdrawals.

Decorative graphic illustrating the concept of the Capital escalator Capital escalator explained in our infographic

Placing it in trust

We’ve a range of trust options to help your clients reduce or avoid inheritance tax bills, ensuring their money goes where it’s intended after their death or during their lifetime.

Using a bond in the appropriate trust can generate an immediate reduction in your client’s potential IHT liability. Trusts generally don't allow access to the money in them, however to help with inheritance tax planning our wide range includes trusts with some of the following features:

  • Access to original capital through fixed payments from the trust
  • Access to their original capital for life
  • Ad hoc access to their original capital as required.

Making sure your clients have all the options they need, we have two primary sets of trusts.

Bare Trusts – for your clients who are happy to name beneficiaries at the policy’s outset.

Discretionary Trusts – for your clients who need more flexibility over future beneficiaries.

decorative graphic to illustrate the trust decision tree
Get help choosing the right trust with Aegon's trust decision tree

Find out more about our trusts in our brochure Place your trust with us - an introduction(Opens new window).

Payment of any initial adviser charge will count towards the tax-deferred yearly allowance of 5%.

The guaranteed capital value only applies at the end of the guarantee capital term and not before or after. Your client’s don’t have to cash in the plan at the end of the guarantee capital term – they can remain invested. However, if they do remain invested, then their fund value is subject to normal market volatility as the capital guarantee has ended. They may get back less than the original premium.

If they don’t select the guaranteed death benefit option and the last life assured dies before the end of the guarantee period, the amount we pay out isn’t guaranteed and they may get back less than the original premium.

This product is provided by Aegon Ireland plc in Dublin.

All references to taxation are based on our understanding of current taxation law and practice in the United Kingdom and Ireland, which may change.