Managing Lifetime Wealth: retirement planning in the UK – read our report

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Retirement advice continues to be a key driver of adviser business. Its demand has grown in recent years following the introduction of the pension freedoms and as the UK population gets older.

We're delighted to again, sponsor NextWealth's 2021 report, Managing Lifetime Wealth: retirement planning in the UK. As a comprehensive piece of research, it draws on findings from over 200 financial advisers and supplemented with in-depth interviews.

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The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has further highlighted the value of personalised advice in retirement planning with many people re-evaluating their priorities and seeking help to navigate stock market volatility.

The report charts the course of retirement advice through the pandemic and ensuing market volatility alongside continued regulatory change. We hope that it offers you valuable insight about the retirement advice industry and helps you understand the latest views on the biggest industry trends. 

The report covers key themes, including:

  • Covid-19 impact on retirement advice.
  • Retirement advice and investment approach.
  • Investment products used in decumulation.
  • Defined benefit pension transfer advice.

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