The new capability will mean you can apply online and you don't need to complete all the client's details again as we'll use the information we already hold. 

In the interim, if you'd like to purchase additional products for your existing clients, please follow the steps below. 

Select the form for the product you’d like to buy

Select one of the form links below and download it.

Complete the form and email it to us

Send us your completed request to the email address given in the form.

Please don't email any personal, financial, or banking information as it's not a secure method of communication. If you have a dedicated secure email service with Aegon, for example Unipass Mailock, please use this service.  

We’ll produce an illustration for you

This illustration will be based on the details you complete in the form and we'll send this to you within 48 hours. 

Buy the product

If you’d like to proceed and buy the product once you’ve received the illustration back from us you can do this by selecting Add new client from your dashboard. Complete all the details and submit.

We'll marry up the request

We'll take the necessary steps, where possible, to make sure no duplicate client record is created and the application is married up with the existing client ID. We'll also remove the illustration created during the online request and replace with the correct one.