Registering your account

To register your account or for activation support, speak to a user in your firm with the user administration permission. If you have this permission and need to support, you can contact us.

If you’re a new adviser, you’ll need to complete a form and send it to us. You can find out more in the Creating a new user's account section in About the account.

Activating your account

As a new user, you’ll receive an email from us asking you to activate your account. This email includes an activation code that you’ll need. It’s best to activate as soon as you receive the email as the activation code will expire.

We’ll ask you to set up a password. You can find out details about setting your password in the All about passwords section.

Then to add that extra layer of security we’ll ask you to set up two-factor authentication if we don’t already have your mobile number, and you’re not already set up for it. If you are already set up to use two-factor authentication for another account you have with us, you’ll simply use the same details.

You’ll now see the log in screen - why not save this page as a favourite so you’ve always got it handy for logging into your account?

If your activation code does expire, a user in your firm with the user administration permission can send you a new activation email.

It really is simple to activate your account but if you do find yourself having problems, speak to a user in your firm with the user administration permission. If you don’t have one or they’re unavailable, you can contact us.