The environment matters

We'll play our part in creating a more sustainable environment for the future

Caring for the environment matters and is a key pillar of our positive impact ambitions. We take a holistic approach to improving our footprint, whether it's eliminating waste, improving travel practices, reducing our overall climate impact, or supporting local biodiversity.

We've planted over 4,000 trees, helping re-wild the Scottish highlands and encouraging biodiversity1.

The energy we use in our buildings can have a significant environmental and commercial impact. We purchase 100% certified renewable energy.

We recycle over 80% of our waste. Food waste is converted into compost or soil conditioner and our oil waste is turned into biodiesel. Any mixed residual waste is used to generate electricity.

We've significantly reduced our operational emissions through increased use of renewable energy and efficiency measures. We also support global carbon reduction initiatives as part of our decarbonisation journey.

1Figures correct as at February 2022.