Financial security matters

We help our customers feel in control of their future

Our purpose is to help our people achieve a lifetime of financial security.  

We support our 3.8 million customers1 using our insight and experience to provide the right solutions to help them navigate these uncertain times.

We offer straightforward long-term savings, retirement and protection solutions to help customers understand, plan and act to support better wellbeing across key life moments.

Our Financial Wellbeing Index, is packed with insights and positive ways for people to think and act about their future – as well as their finances. Helping them create their own journey based on their goals and needs.

We help customers to feel good about their money and make informed choices through financial education.

We complete over 100,000 customer surveys each year. All feedback is fed into the relevant teams and actioned.

Today, we help over 3.8 million people1 achieve peace of mind, whether it's saving for the future, financing their retirement, or planning for the unexpected. Through 6,500 advice firms and 10,000 employers, we already play a meaningful role in many people's lives2.

1Correct as at September 2021
2Correct as at December 2021