Secure Retirement Income

Income security is important to a lot of savers. But so is having the flexibility to change an income strategy if circumstances change. Secure Retirement Income (SRI) gives savers both.

How Secure Retirement Income works

How much secure income can an investor get?

We work out what guaranteed income a saver will get by multiplying their income base by a percentage that relates to their age when income starts.

Their income base is the value of their original investment plus any increases that they have accrued over time.

For example:

Your income base is £100,000 and you start taking and income at age 65

Your income rate at age 65

Guaranteed yearly income for life (£100,000 x 3.8%)

As at January 2017.

Only the investor’s income is guaranteed. Their savings can go down as well as up. You can see the age-related income percentages, and find our how your income base can grow in Secure Retirement Income explained.

Access to savings

Savers can open new Secure Retirement Income accounts, or access savings at any time. This can be useful if changes in a saver’s circumstances mean they need to change their income.

However, Secure Retirement Income is designed for long-term investment, and taking savings out will reduce future guaranteed income and the value of other benefits

Leave money to loved ones

Having worked hard to build savings, retirees will want to pass what they can to loved ones when they die.

With SRI a dependant can continue to receive an income at 50% of the investor's rate if the joint life option is selected. Alternatively, they can pass a lump sum to beneficiaries when they die.

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