Near or in retirement solutions

People are generally living longer and many now retire gradually. Pension freedom legislation also means people have more choice about how they take an income in retirement.

We offer investment options designed to help those who stay invested, by opting for drawdown income with or without a guarantee – or a bit of both – to achieve the retirement income they need.

Two fund ranges to choose from:

Secure retirement income
Take guaranteed income for life
Stay invested in retirement
Add benefits for
loved ones

Drawdown income
Take income from your savings
Stay invested in retirement
Choose a portfolio to match your income needs


Combine the two to achieve the best of both worlds

Income security may be the priority for essential expenses like heating, a mortgage or day-to-day living costs. But savers may be happy to take on some investment risk with remaining savings, in return for better growth potential.

That’s why our platform lets investors use a combination of options. And because their circumstances are likely to change over time, savers can switch between the options as they see fit.

You have lots of choice about how you access your retirement savings. We’re here to help. Our website, Your Retirement Planner, has information and tools to help you understand your options when you get close to retirement.

The value of investments may go down as well as up. Investors may get back less than originally invested. Drawdown income is only guaranteed for Secure Retirement Income investors. Where income isn't guaranteed it may need to reduce if investment returns are lower than expected, or if you live longer than your financial planning estimates. Taking savings out of Secure Retirement Income will reduce future guaranteed income and the value of other benefits