Core Portfolios Solutions

Offering simplicity and peace of mind, our Core Portfolios Solutions offer you access to a complete portfolio of investments in a single fund. With seven funds to choose from, ranging from Conservative to Adventurous, you can choose the balance between risk and return that you're comfortable with.

Our Core Portfolios Solutions focus on offering value while making it easy to save in a pension.

Benefits of Aegon Core Portfolios:

  • Let savers choose the balance of risk and long-term growth potential that’s right for them.
  • Use Morningstar's asset allocation expertise.
  • Hold mainly low-cost investments, designed to perform in line with the markets they track.
  • Are backed by our Funds Promise.

You can choose from seven Core Portfolios, each of which is designed to match a different risk appetite.

There's no guarantee our Core Portfolios Solutions will meet their objectives. Their value can go down as well as up and you could get back less than the amount invested.

How our Core Portfolios Solutions work

Asset allocation

Asset allocation - the mix of equities (shares), bonds and cash - is key to managing the risk and growth potential of each portfolio. Generally riskier investments are considered to offer better long-term growth potential, but they are also more likely to fall in value, and by larger amounts. We work with award-winning investment specialists Morningstar to create the optimal strategic asset mix for each target risk level, and then tactically refine it to account for shorter-term expectations.

BlackRock's strategic asset mix showing a Risk - Return curved plot starting with steep gradient which reduces as Risk - Return increase.

Passively managed

The portfolios use passively managed investments. These investments aim to produce returns broadly in line with the markets they track by mirroring the same investments in the same proportions, as their benchmark. This approach means less manual intervention, keeping costs low.

Monitoring and rebalancing

Because the portfolios are backed by our Funds Promise, we check them regularly to see if they're meeting expectations. That means:

  • We make asset allocation changes based on recommendations from Morningstar.
  • We check to see whether the funds the portfolios invest in, as well as the overall portfolios, are performing as expected.
  • We will change the mix, remove or add funds if they're not.

Our Funds Promise

We regularly check these funds to see if they're meeting expectations. Find out more.