We aim to make investing easier, so we’ve created pre-built solutions that offer well diversified investment portfolios, conveniently packaged in a single fund. Or, you can choose to build your own from an extensive range of options.

Two ways of choosing investments:

We offer pre-built solutions for those who are still some way off from retirement and whose priority is growing their pension as well as funds for those who are near or in retirement.

Build your own portfolio with a financial adviser. The range of investments depends on the product you choose. We offer One Retirement – our simplified self-invested personal pension plan – and Aegon Retirement Choices – which offers a much wider choice of funds.

One retirement investments
One Retirement

Focussed range of 100 investments
Pension investments

Learn more (about One Retirement)
Aegon Retirement Choices investments
Aegon Retirement
4,500+ investment options
Pension, ISA and GIA investments

Learn more (about Aegon Retirement Choices)

Please remember that investment returns are not guaranteed and the value of any investment can go down as well as up. There’s a chance you could get back less than you invested.

Our Funds Promise

We regularly check insured funds, like our pre-built solutions,  to see if they're meeting expectations. Find out more.

Are these the right funds for me?

These funds are designed for savers who have a financial adviser, or are investing via their company pension scheme. If you don’t already have a financial adviser, you can find one on the Money Advice Service website.  Or, to browse the funds available for direct investment (i.e. for those who don’t have a financial adviser and aren’t part of a company pension scheme), please take a look at Retiready.