Corporate Responsibility

Profitable and sustainable growth is obviously important to us, but so is helping to make a brighter future for our customers, communities, society and the environment we work in. Recognising our contribution, Aegon NV has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since 1999. We’re also an official signatory and founding member of the global sustainability framework, Principles of Sustainable Insurance (PSI).

Community involvement

We’re a global company but we still play an active role in our local communities. Some of the ways we help to make a better future for those around us include:

  • Funding breakfast clubs in primary schools to give children a free, healthy and nutritional start to the day. 
  • Supporting local and national charities through fundraising, donations and our voluntary hours programme – allowing employees to take paid leave to work for charities and non-profit organisations.


We know a company of our size can have a huge impact on the environment, so we do our best to reduce any negatives and increase the positives by:

  • Recycling our waste
  • Using motion sensors so our lights are only on when we need them
  • Measuring our consumption and reducing waste, earning our Property Services department ISO 14001 accreditation
  • Providing excellent facilities for employees cycling to work – which won us a Cycle Friendly Employer Award
  • Printing our marketing literature on paper from sustainable sources, using vegetable-based inks and alcohol-free fountain solution.