Corporate Responsibility

Profitable and sustainable growth is important to us - just like helping to make a brighter future for our customers, communities and the environment we work in. Recognising this, Aegon NV is an official signatory and founding member of the global sustainability framework, Principles of Sustainable Insurance (PSI).

Responsible business

We're here help customers achieve a lifetime of financial security and this purpose guides everything we do. We recognise that our impact goes beyond our immediate commitments to customers and the broader responsibility to the society in which we operate.

Rather than treat responsible business as a standalone project, or the job of a particular group of people, we've created a framework that aligns responsible business to the company’s strategy and daily decision making.

Our three pillars of responsible business:

  • Transform lives - we provide smart financial planning, a healthy lifestyle, and relevant solutions at every stage of life. 
  • Improve society - we offer a thoughtful approach to secure retirement and healthy aging in our society, and support our communities. 
  • Care for the environment - we aim to make a lasting contribution to a healthy environment through the way we run our business and active ownership.

Community involvement

We're a global company but we still play an active role in our local communities by helping to make a better future for those around us.

Some of the ways we do this include funding breakfast clubs in primary schools to give children a free, healthy and nutritional start to their day.

We also support local and national charities through fundraising, donations and our voluntary hours programme, which allows employees to take paid leave to work for charities and non-profit organisations.


We know a company of our size can have a direct impact on the environment, so we're actively making changes across our business locations:

  • Ensuring our general waste goes to produce refuse derived fuel - this accounts for approximately 70% of our general waste.
  • Introducing a range of compostable catering disposables for our Edinburgh and Witham restaurants - sustainable packaging made from plants using renewable, lower carbon, recycled or reclaimed materials.
  • Working on initiatives to reduce single use plastics.
  • Installing water efficient cisterns, taps and energy saving hand dryers to replace the use of paper towels.
  • Measuring our consumption and reducing waste, earning our Property Services department ISO 14001 accreditation.
  • Using LED lighting and motion sensors, so our lights are only on when we need them.
  • Choosing green energy that's been generated through renewable resources rather than fossil fuels, for our electricity needs.
  • Measuring our consumption and reducing energy, earning ISO 50001 accreditation for our UK property portfolio.
  • Providing facilities for employees cycling to work, including secure storage, maintenance stand, changing rooms and lockers.
  • Using low emission vehicles in the Aegon fleet of company vehicles, with electric and hybrid cars an option.
  • Installation of electric car charging points for staff and visitors to our offices in Edinburgh and Witham.
  • Installing video conferencing facilities to reduce the need for travel.
  • Printing our marketing material on paper from sustainable sources, using vegetable-based inks and alcohol-free fountain solution.
  • Introduction of beehives in the garden at our Edinburgh office, to help boost the declining honey bee population.