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Protection claims

Support for our policyholders

This dedicated section should help you understand all aspects of our claims service – from the moment you think about buying a protection policy to the day you might actually need to make a claim.

We know that before choosing a protection provider, you want to know about its claims payment history. But there’s other information you should know about such as a provider’s claims process and service, as well as what the policy you’re buying actually covers you for.

Thinking about a protection policy?

Before you complete an application, we as a provider, must do as much as possible to prevent misrepresentation and misunderstanding of cover.

Don't risk an expensive mistake - use this website to understand all aspects, or read our customer guide for more information.


All about claimssigning papers2

You'll find more information in our customer guide and our Protection claims section.

Claims questions

You can find answers to common questions here.

Case studies

Read our case studies, showing examples of claims paid and the benefits of protection cover.

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