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When should I get in touch with you about a claim?

As soon as you feel you may have a possible claim. The earlier you tell us, the quicker we can start to gather any medical or financial information to help us make a decision.

How do I tell you about a claim?

The quickest way is by phone. We’ll gather some basic information from you about your illness/condition. You can also write to us, email us or make contact via your financial adviser. We can then issue a paper claim form or complete a claim form over the phone with you.

Phone: 08456 00 04 93


When will I hear about my claim?

We send out new claim forms or arrange a tele-claim within 24 hours of a request. We aim to deal with all other correspondence within five working days of receiving it. We’ll maintain regular phone contact to keep you updated with progress.

How long will my claim take?

The time taken to assess a claim depends on how much medical information we need and how fast we receive it.

  • For death claims, if we don’t need any medical information, we can complete a claim as soon as you return the relevant paperwork.
  • For a critical illness or death claim requiring medical information, it takes around eight weeks – although we’re looking at ways to reduce this.
  • Income protection claims are more complex and can take up to 12 weeks. Because of this, we ask you to tell us as soon as you’re unable to work due to ill health, with the hope that we can make a decision as soon as possible. If we can start assessing a claim early, we may be able to offer medical help that will allow you to return to work much sooner.
  • Tele-claims usually take less time to assess.

Am I covered?

As soon as we’re told about a new claim, one of the first things we do is look at your policy to make sure the condition/illness is covered and the policy is in force. We won’t put you to the trouble of completing forms if your claim isn’t likely to be valid.

How are the benefits paid to me?

We prefer to make payments by Direct Credit straight to your nominated bank account. This is a quick and safe method of transferring large sums of money. Payment is in your bank account within five working days of a claims decision being made. We can also make payments by cheque if required. 

Why is a claim declined?

The two most common reasons for declining a claim are:

  • The claimant does not meet the definition – to have a valid claim under a critical illness contract, you must be suffering with one of the defined critical illnesses covered by your policy. You may also have to meet certain criteria.
  • Misrepresentation of information at the application stage – if you haven’t completed the application form correctly and we become aware of medical information that would have affected the original underwriting decision, we may not be able to pay a claim.

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