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Personal pensions

A bit of planning now helps you feel confident your future is on track.

Use our online tools to help you plan your budget to make sure you're living within your means, examine how much you spend on luxuries to see where you can cut back, work out just how far away your retirement really is, or see how close you are to having the retirement of your dreams.

Pensions reform

The Money Advice Service has a useful workplace pension contribution calculator


How much can you expect?

Our pension calculator is currently being updated. In the meantime, you can use the pension calculator from the Money Advice Service.


Tightening your belt

Our luxuries calculator shows where you can make savings.

Luxuries calculator

lifestyle tool

Living beyond your means?

Our lifestyle calculator helps you balance your incomings and outgoings.

Lifestyle calculator

paydays tool

Looking forward to your retirement?

We help you work out just how long you've got to go.

Paydays calculator


Make the most of your pension

Use our tax relief calculator to find out how much tax relief you'll receive on your contributions.

Tax relief calculator