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Inheritance Tax Planning


Inheritance tax (IHT) planning isn’t just for the wealthy. Without realising it, many people may pass on something they didn’t want to – a large tax bill. But with some careful planning, you can reduce, or even remove, this possibility.

Calculate your potential IHT liability

The first thing to do is to work out how much you’re worth, as even an educated guess might fall well short of the actual amount. Once you’ve done that, you can see how much of an IHT liability you might have. Our IHT calculator will work all this out for you.


How we can help

How IHT works
IHT may be payable to the government on the value of an estate when someone dies. It usually has to be paid first, before anything else gets distributed out. We give you more information, including how much it is and how it’s calculated.

IHT planning options
If you realise you’ve got a potential IHT liability, you’ll want to know what IHT planning options you have.


Calculate your IHT liability

Use our calculator to find out your potential IHT liability.