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We go to great lengths to keep your information secure. On this page you'll find some guides and tools to help you stay safe online.

Help with your password

To help make sure your password is as secure or 'strong' as possible, we've introduced a password strength checking tool.

Just enter your password into the field below and adjust it if necessary until you get a 'strong' rating.

If you would like to see your password as you type just click the show button.

This tool doesn't collect, store or send password information from your computer.

Please also note that this tool is only intended to help you gauge the strength of your password - it doesn't guarantee the security of the password itself.

Please enable javascript to use this tool.

Raising awareness

If you want to know more about safer home computing, take a look at the following websites: is a UK government sponsored site providing information on how to protect your identity and privacy. is a website produced by various public and private sector bodies, including CIFAS, the Financial Conduct Authority and the Home Office, to help combat the threat of identity theft. is a not for profit membership association dedicated to the prevention of financial crime and staff fraud and provides a range of fraud prevention services.



We will never send you an email asking for confidential information or security details. If you receive an email that appears to be from us asking for this type of information, please don't reply to it or visit any site that the email may link to.

You can contact us at if you suspect that:

  • you've received a fake, or 'phishing', email
  • your personal details and/or financial affairs have been compromised
  • a letter you've received from us may not be genuine

View Aegon UK's security statement.